Gourmet Ancient rural tradition

La Locanda del Parco, thanks to the high hospitality and friendliness, is an ideal destination to feel the flavors and rediscover the taste of the old rural tradition. Dishes are prepared with fresh products, organically grown. The pantry is full of fresh and processed products, packaged in an original way.
According to ancient recipes, with herbs, we obtain some exquisite liquors.
The guests of La Locanda can also buy these products, in order to taste at home the delicacies discovered on the spot.

The excellent dishes are always associated with excellent local DOC wines. The winery of La Locanda del Parco is very equipped and collects the whole regional panorama of quality wine production. The various wines offer to the guest a wide choice of wine types.
A permanent workshop of food education and food culture, allows the spread of the “Mediterranean Diet” taking into account the use of foods according to the food pyramid of Ancel Key.